Universal fiber broadband is coming to Block Island

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The Town of New Shoreham and Sertex are excited to continue moving ahead with the construction of BroadbandBI! The network will change everything for residents, visitors, and businesses, when gig speed internet connections to every premise on the island are completed in 2022.

Reliable broadband internet access delivered by municipally-owned fiber networks improves the productivity of existing businesses, allows telecommuting, creates new jobs, and attracts new businesses to remote areas. It incentivizes younger people to stay in the community, draws new residents, encourages tourism, and strengthens real estate markets.

We are excited to be part of the future of Block Island. BroadbandBI has come a long way, and we genuinely appreciate your support and patience.

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About Sertex Broadband Solutions

Sertex is an expert in fiber optic infrastructure deployment in the Northeast. With over three decades of experience, we specialize in partnering with rural communities to build and operate gigabit fiber broadband networks that consumers are demanding in the 21st century world. After working with New Shoreham to successfully complete the first phase of fiber broadband to its community anchor institutions, Sertex was chosen through a competitive bid process to build out and operate the fiber-to-the-home network. Sertex crews will be on-island throughout construction and are responsible for performing service installations and ongoing network maintenance.

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