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PBA - Plainfield Business Association

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Fiber optic internet is the future of broadband. If you want it in Plainfield, ask for it! Demonstrating demand interest is the first and most important milestone to building a high speed network. That’s why Sertex is offering this survey to Plainfield residents and businesses. Please participate to share your internet experiences and tell your friends and neighbors!

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“With the emergence of many new businesses in Plainfield, including the new Amazon facility, it’s time for Plainfield to invest in its infrastructure. The Plainfield Business Association believes that our residents and business owners would benefit greatly from an option for improved internet service.”
Russell Phipps, PBA President

About the Plainfield Broadband Internet Survey

Fiber-to-the-Home technology delivers the highest quality internet experience with enough speed for everything you want to do online – gaming, working, learning, watching, meeting, and more.

Sertex Broadband Solutions is a local fiber optic expert. We’ve been in Plainfield since 2009, and our employees are your neighbors. As a member of the Plainfield Business Association, we are proud to have built our growing business in the community.

We know the telecommunications industry, and we know better technology exists. Fiber optic broadband is the answer. Together, we can bring it to our town.

Visit our website to learn more about Sertex.

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Fiber Broadband Facts

  • Fiber optic broadband can deliver 10x the bandwidth of copper wire with a true 1 Gigabit (1000/1000 Mbps) connection that eliminates buffering, slow loading and unstable signals. This future-proof technology can provide unlimited bandwidth for decades to come with inexpensive equipment upgrades.
  • Fiber also delivers affordable, high quality voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service.
  • Until recently, cable TV was the only option to access news and entertainment programming. Internet streaming over fiber optic broadband is now a money-saving alternative to watch live, local, and premium content from home, or anywhere you have a reliable high-speed Wi-Fi or a mobile Internet connection.
  • A locally controlled community fiber-to-the-home network could deliver faster, higher quality service with connections to every property at affordable rates.

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

  • Gigabit symmetric upload and download speeds

  • Unlimited streaming, gaming, conferencing, and surfing

  • Consistent signal strength for more devices

  • Lower-cost service with no data caps

  • Reliably stable connection with no buffering or random outages

  • Future-proof technology is easily expandable

  • Connected communities thrive with economic development opportunities

*Direct access to high-speed fiber Internet can add an average of 3.1% to a home’s value, according to research by the Fiber to the Home Council Americas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadband is the transmission of wide bandwidth data using one of several technologies, including Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable modem, fiber optic, wireless, and satellite. Transmission is digital, meaning that text, images, and sound are transmitted as “bits” of data. This transmission mode moves these bits much more quickly than dial-up internet using traditional analog or wireless connections. Since its inception, broadband speeds have gotten exponentially faster, and the connection required for everyday applications – like zooming, streaming, and gaming – continue to rise.

Fiber optic is the fastest and most advanced broadband transmission technology for high-speed internet with unlimited bandwidth. It is reliable, storm-proof, and future-proof. Unlike traditional copper lines, fiber technology uses glass strands about the diameter of a human hair to transmit digital signals at the speed of light. A fiber connection to your home delivers the same superior level of connectivity found in large city technology centers. Imagine streaming as many devices as you want without buffering, signal delays, or random service loss. The same fiber providing your broadband can also simultaneously deliver phone (VoIP) and video services, including video-on-demand.

Yes, you can watch TV by streaming instead of using a traditional antenna or cable. Streaming lets you cut the cord and access live and programmed content through subscription applications, including YouTube TV, Netflix, HULU, and many others. Streaming services let you choose what you want to watch. And with high speed fiber broadband, many devices can be connected at the same time. Even with multiple concurrent users accessing high bandwidth applications, users will never experience buffering or freezing.

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The more people who complete the survey, the closer Plainfield, CT can be to getting fiber fast internet! Please tell your friends and family and ask them to take the survey.

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