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Municipal fiber broadband is the road to the digital future. We want to help communities get started on the path to 100% fiber connectivity to every home and business with our new interactive survey platform.

Start Gathering Broadband Demand

Property owners in any community throughout the Northeast can access the Sertex Connect platform on any device with any internet connection to complete interest surveys in just a few minutes. Enter your address to see how it works.

Put Your Town on the Map for Fiber Broadband

At Sertex, we believe that every community should have open access fiber-to-the-home. Our financial model helps municipalities determine the costs to build, install, operate, and maintain dedicated gigabit fiber networks. Now, Sertex Connect allows towns to conduct broadband community surveys quickly and easily.

Our platform is open to all municipalities in the Northeast. We can create fiber zones for participating towns to gather community interest with a 10-question broadband survey. For a nominal monthly cost, local governments can get valuable data about critical take rates, neighborhood by neighborhood.

Open Access Networks Empower Local Communities

Open Access Networks Empower Local Communities
  • Economic Development
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Real Estate Values
  • Residential Growth
  • Business Growth
  • Job Creation
  • New Revenue Sources
  • Enhanced Community Services:
    – Education
    – Public Safety & Security
    – Emergency Communications

There are many steps in the process of building a municipal FTTx network. The first and most important is gathering community interest. Sertex Connect can help you get started on the road to a fiber future. Contact us for details about creating an interest zone and broadband survey for your community.

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