Get Started on the Path to FTTX

Municipal fiber optic broadband is the path to the digital future. Sertex deployment planning services assist towns as they begin the complex task of building community-wide networks.

Deciding to build a municipal fiber network is a complex process for local leaders. Public support is essential from beginning to end for successful deployments. SertexConnectSM planning services are designed specifically to help communities take the critical first steps on the path to a fiber future.

Sertex Connect - The Path to Municipal Fiber Broadband

Broadband Interest Surveys

Broadband Interest Surveys

SertexConnect empowers communities with a turnkey platform to capture speed data, gauge broadband demand, and engage grassroots champions.

Available to any municipality in the Northeast, we partner with towns to create a fiber interest zone and conduct customized polls to evaluate satisfaction with current internet providers. For a nominal monthly cost, we support broadband committees in gathering visualized data about critical take rates, neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

Property owners in any community throughout the Northeast can access SertexConnect on any device with any internet connection. FTTX surveys are easy to complete in just a few minutes.

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FTTX Feasibility Studies

SertexConnect FTTX Feasibility Studies support local broadband committees in developing viable and actionable deployment plans.

We begin by utilizing custom design tools and GIS data to visualize deployment of a broadband network servicing all town residents, businesses, government, and emergency service providers. Included in this high-level view are all network cabling, aerial and underground construction requirements, electronics, transport, and operations. We then perform a budget analysis based on a bill of materials that considers construction pricing, operational expenses, and price modeling to demonstrate network viability.

This essential information is presented in a final report that clearly communicates what your FTTX network will look like, how much it will cost, and how it could be paid for through service subscriptions.

FTTX Feasibility Studies
100% Fiber + 100% Local = Municipal FTTX

100% Fiber + 100% Local = Municipal FTTX

Open Access Networks Empower Local Communities
  • Economic Development
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved Real Estate Values
  • Residential Growth
  • Business Growth
  • Job Creation
  • New Revenue Sources
    – Enhanced Community Services:
    – Education
    – Public Safety & Security
    – Emergency Communications