Praise for Sertex Employees

Praise for Sertex Employees

At a celebration for the completion of the two-year BroadbandBI network buildout and the roll-out of in-home equipment installations, a Block Island town leader publicly acknowledged Sertex CEO Mike Solitro, saying:

“I have to say the reviews of the Sertex employees have been universally positive. If I were running a company, it would be a source of such great pride for me to have the ability to find and train people who seem to actually give a damn about this thing [network] working well.”

Hearing this compliment in front of a large gathering was a humbling moment for Mike. He understands that Sertex workers - and their commitment to serving customers - play a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing success.

Sertex employees are the face of our 30-year-old company. Our customers respect and appreciate our hardworking crews everywhere they are deployed, from Block Island to the Berkshires to Southern Vermont, and Sertex empowers them to do their jobs efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Join Our Team

Recognized as a Fiber-to-the-Home Top 100 company by Broadband Communities magazine, Sertex is committed to expanding fiber-connections in communities throughout the Northeast. We’re growing and actively looking for new people to join our company.

At Sertex, you can have a rewarding career in the telecom industry and make a difference in the lives of people living in rural and remote communities in the Northeast. Here’s what you’ll experience as a valued member of our team:

  • Our strong leadership team values input from the field. Our crews are problem solvers, and every worker’s input is critical for meeting the everyday challenges of building remote networks.
  • Telecom is a growing industry. Sertex employees who work hard and are committed to getting the job done can have rewarding careers with opportunities for advancement.
  • No position at Sertex requires a college degree. Our experienced field employees train newer workers to do the full range construction related tasks.
  • Our workers directly impact customer satisfaction, which plays a pivotal role in the success of the company.
  • We want the best talent in the industry, and we compensate our people with highly competitive pay and benefits.
  • We foster open communication through company events, annual training, and all-hands company meetings to keep everyone up to date on industry standards and best practices.
  • We value integrity. Our most trusted team members are safety-conscious, reliable, and hard working. Strong teamwork and trust build close-knit on-the-job relationships.

Our company offers career paths with opportunities for advancement in field and office positions. We’re looking for ambitious, hard-working people to join our team and encourage all levels of job seekers, with or without higher education, to consider meaningful, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities at Sertex.

Apply today to build your future with us.

We’re Here to Help

If you would like your community to be open for business with a revenue-generating high-speed fiber network, give us a call.

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