FTTX Services

Reliable and cost-effective, fiber networks deliver gigabit speed Internet service, and have the power to support technology demands for decades to come.

Fiber-to-the-“x” delivers last-mile connectivity to homes, businesses, office buildings, antennas, and other termination points. By leveraging network architecture design and transmission technologies, we maximize bandwidth capacity and minimize bottlenecks that slow conventional coax cable.

Sertex provides complete end-to-end services to design, build, install, operate, and maintain municipal FTTX networks.

Sertex Broadband Design


Sertex Broadband Building


Sertex Broadband Installers


Sertex Broadband Operations


Maintenance & Emergency Response


Planning & Design
  • Aerial and underground OSP fiber design
  • Railroad/highway/river crossing design
  • DOT permit application & submittal
  • Structural pole-loading analysis
  • Third-party licensing
  • Make-ready analysis
  • Route selection
Economic Development
Enhanced Property Values
  • Aerial Construction
  • Underground Construction
  • Bridge Conduit Systems
  • Fiber Optic Splicing and Termination
  • Testing and Certification
  • Small Cell Wireless and DAS
  • Headend and Site Construction
  • Equipment installation
Service Installations
  • Residential and Business
  • Multi Dwelling Units (MDU)
  • Drop Installation
  • Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) Installation
  • Wireless / Router Setup
  • Network Connection Provisioning
  • Customer Education
Teleworking and Remote Learning
Enhanced Community Services
Network Operations
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Complete Service Order System
  • Network Performance Monitoring
Maintenance & Emergency Response
  • 24/7/365 On Call Service
  • Storm Damage Response
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Utility Relocation Services

We’re Here to Help

If you would like your community to be open for business with an open access FTTX network, give us a call.