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Sertex Broadband Solutions is growing with career opportunities in telecom construction. We offer many exciting career paths for field and office positions. Every day, our people and teams work together in dynamic environments to change people’s lives with fiber optic connectivity.

As a Top 100 company, we deploy fiber optic expert crews throughout the Northeast, including linemen, splicers, and service installers. We encourage all levels of job seekers with or without a college degree to learn about the meaningful, challenging, and rewarding career opportunities at Sertex.

We’re looking for ambitious, hard-working people to join our team.

If you like working with your hands and being outside, join our team for a meaningful, challenging, and rewarding career!

When you join our Sertex, you can expect:

  • a management team that relies on your skills and experience,
  • the camaraderie of committed crewmembers, often with military backgrounds,
  • an organization with a deep commitment to our mission, and
  • the best pay and benefits in our industry.

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We offer career paths for all levels of job seekers with or without a college degree. More than anything, we value a strong work ethic, commitment to safety, and grit. Our company is proud to support the Veteran Hiring Pledge.

Sertex Employee Profile

We build fiber networks throughout the Northeast and specialize in rugged, remote, and rural deployments. It is hard, demanding work with no margin for error. Our tight-knit crews work closely together in small units, executing difficult assignments with precision.

Every team member gives it their all and exhibits the following qualities:

  • discipline, commitment and a strong work ethic;
  • precision and meticulous attention to detail;
  • problem solving skills;
  • technical aptitude for communications, electronics and engineering;
  • safety consciousness;
  • the ability to work in challenging and diverse environments;
  • teamwork, leadership, collaboration and communication.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we welcome you to submit a job application or share your resume to join our team. Apply today to start building your future with us.

Employee Testimonials

Brandon - Supervisor, Navy Veteran, Sertex team member since 2020

“Often Veterans and Service members leaving the bond of brothers in arms and stepping into the civilian world to embark on a new career path can be daunting and anxiety ridden. Sertex stands as a guiding light, alleviating the burden, and opening doors to remarkable career opportunities for our devoted Service members transitioning into the workforce beyond the military.”

Brandon, Supervisor, Navy Veteran, Sertex team member since 2020

Adam, Technician Supervisor - Marine Veteran, Sertex team member since 2019Working for Sertex is not a typical 9 to 5 job. Management is approachable and takes good care of us. Sertex is a company where I can grow, and I can help the company grow. I’m honored to work here.”

Adam, Technician Supervisor, Marine Veteran, Sertex team member since 2019

Sean, Telecom Technician, Sertex team member since 2020

“I feel like I’m making a difference. Many towns we work in are still using dialup. When we bring fiber Internet to them, we’re helping them have more family time. Sertex also supports my commitment to our country as a member of the National Guard. Working here is like being a member of a close-knit family.”

Sean, Lineman, Telecom Technician, Sertex team member since 2020

John, Senior Lineman, Sertex team member since 2016

“As a graduate of the Southeast Lineman Training Center, safety is my highest priority. Being a lineman can be dangerous, but it’s a great job at the right company. Some companies can be kind of lax, but Sertex values safety as much as I do. The company is supportive with new equipment, supplies, and resources. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Employees are not just a number – you’re treated more like family.”John, Senior Lineman, Sertex team member since 2016

Dana, Foreman, Sertex team member since 2015

“I love working outside, and I enjoy problem-solving. Sertex trusts me to overcome the unexpected obstacles I encounter during installations and find the best path for the conduit on people’s properties. My goal is always to make the customer happy and to complete the work efficiently.”

Dana, Foreman, Sertex team member since 2015

James, Telecom Technician, Sertex team member since 2021“Before I came to Sertex, I worked in telecommunications but had no experience with fiber. This is a company that looks for people who want to learn and grow in their careers, no matter what their position is. I’m looking forward to learning to do underground installs once I’ve mastered the aerial side of construction.”

James, Telecom Technician, Sertex team member since 2021

Joel, Telecom Service Installer

“I enjoy working at Sertex. It is a well-organized company that keeps its employees informed. They expect high quality work and excellent customer service. Once you’ve proven the quality of your work, they trust you and don’t micromanage. Problem-solving and customer service are a big part of the job – my goal is to please every customer and meet their highest expectations.”

Joel, Telecom Service Installer

Honoring Military Service

U.S. military veterans and reservists bring unique skills, qualities and values to the civilian workforce that make them ideal candidates for positions in broadband deployment. As a growing company, Sertex has long recognized and honors the strengths and talents of military employees.

“We hereby pledge our commitment to actively hire veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. We value and recognize the leadership, training, character and discipline that our veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve bring to our company and the American workforce.”

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