Sertex Celebrates 20 Years with Steve “MacGyver” Arel

Sertex Celebrates 20 Years with Steve “MacGyver” Arel

Sertex is committed to providing fiber optic construction career opportunities and fostering a supportive employee culture. Steve Arel's 20-year journey from a construction laborer to an Underground Field Supervisor exemplifies the potential for growth, advancement, and job satisfaction within our company.

Steve Arel is a fixer. He’s a jack-of-all-trades. And he’s been a committed member of the Sertex team for 20 years!

At a recent event in April, our resident MacGyver celebrated his milestone of two decades with the company and his promotion to Underground Field Supervisor.

Steve started out as an underground construction laborer in 2004 and has gone on to do most jobs, including aerial, splicing, and mechanical functions. Although he served as a foreman for more than 10 years, he could often be found working alongside crew members. “I’m happy to get my hands dirty, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right.”

At the anniversary event, Sertex vice president Shawn Harmon commended Steve’s years of hard work and commitment, saying, “Steve is one employee who has seen it all. He’s an integral part of our company’s success because he always goes the extra mile. He uses his deep understanding of our construction methods to streamline work processes for crews. He’s even willing to do the work himself if needed.”

Mr. FixIt

Steve has more than a few stories about his experiences as Sertex’s Mr. FixIt. When he was a new employee, a key piece of equipment broke, and crews couldn’t work. Steve stepped up, putting his MacGyver skills to the test. Mike Solitro agreed to get the needed part and Steve pulled out the only tools he had with him - a wrench and a screwdriver - and quickly fixed the machine. From that time on, Steve repaired all the equipment, working outside for many years no matter the weather, until the company purchased its present-day garage building where he continues to do maintenance work to this day.

When asked about the projects he’s enjoyed working on most, Steve calls out the ones he’s found most demanding. His two years on Block Island building BroadbandBI stand out because the work was challenging and it wasn’t always easy keeping crew members - who were away from home for weeks at a time - happy. “I made great friends on that job and had a lot of fun. I still go back to spend time on the island and reconnect with people there.”

Steve says he considers the people at Sertex his second family. “People at Sertex are close, and we all help each other out. Everyone goes through tough times, and, in my experience, the company is always there to help you.”

Steve’s work ethic, hands-on approach, problem-solving skills, and dedication are woven into our cultural DNA. Join us in congratulating his longevity and career achievements. If Steve's experiences on challenging projects and his camaraderie with colleagues resonate with you, consider joining our hardworking team.

Sertex is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

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