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New Whitepaper Explores Expanding Future Bandwidth Needs and Strategies for Universal Access


Unserved and underserved towns can meet tomorrow’s communication needs by anticipating bandwidth demands and understanding the limitations of today’s telecom Internet providers.

Plainfield, CT – December 14, 2021… The world is quickly moving from a broadband legacy defined in megabits to a future of gigabit-plus connectivity. Infrastructure design must anticipate future needs to ensure the U.S. maintains global Internet leadership in emerging real and virtual worlds like the Metaverse and Omniverse. To help local leaders develop plans for broadband expansion, a new whitepaper from Sertex Broadband Solutions explores bandwidth requirements, consumer demand, latency problems, and reliability concerns.

Preparing for the Broadband Future: Understanding the Need for SpeedThe six-page Sertex whitepaper, entitled Preparing for the Broadband Future: Understanding the Need for Speed, is written for municipal leaders planning for the future technological growth of their communities, advocates for change in the broadband delivery system, and individuals concerned about making informed broadband choices.

Local leaders considering establishing municipally-owned and privately-operated broadband need factual to share with their constituents about the benefits of local networks.

  • Recent updates to federal broadband thresholds and why these new speed thresholds aren’t sufficient to meet the gigabit-to-terabit demands of the next 20 years;
  • Organic and intentional factors that limit and constrict bandwidth, including throttling and oversubscription;
  • Available fixed broadband technologies and what mediums will meet exponentially-growing demand; and
  • Strategies to ensure universal Internet access in unserved and underserved communities, not just high-density areas.

Preparing for the Broadband Future: Understanding the Need for Speed is available as a free download at For more information and additional fiber broadband resources, visit, call 860.317.1006 x 118, or email

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