Choosing the Right Broadband Partner

Choosing the Right Broadband Partner

Public investment in broadband is at a fever pitch. In the rush to compete and win in "the great broadband build," communities everywhere are racing to build out last mile networks as quickly as possible.

Broadband builders, including public utilities, local governments, and fiber ISPs, need reliable partners to take broadband plans from concept to reality. But with finite resources and limited time, you must choose carefully. Fiber optic networks are highly complex multi-year projects and aligning the right team from the start is essential.

Constructing built-to-last networks and installing drop connections requires highly skilled workers with specialized expertise, particularly for deployments in remote locations. Expert broadband partners have knowledge to keep projects moving efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

Sertex is proud to be a trusted expert in the northeast. We have constructed thousands of miles of fiber networks since the 1990s, including Long Haul networks, BTOP Middle Mile, Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), and Last Mile FTTH using XGS PON technology. Within the last five years, we’ve built over 1,500 miles of network and connected more than 20,000 customers for 17 municipalities in Western Massachusetts. And now with completion of the BroadbandBI network on Block Island, Sertex is providing full operational services for Rhode Island’s first municipally owned network.

Because we have the experience, the resources, and the resolve, we can make it easier to deliver fiber connectivity with a built-to-last network. Partner with Sertex to connect to the fiber future.

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