Sertex Crews Bring Fiber Broadband to Chicopee, MA

Sertex Crews Bring Fiber Broadband to Chicopee, MA

Sertex is proud to partner with Chicopee Electric Light (CEL) in bringing Crossroads Fiber, a state-of-the-art, municipally-owned 100% fiber network, to the residents and businesses of Chicopee, Massachusetts. CEL is the municipal electric utility serving Chicopee and the entity that connected the city’s community anchor institutions, including municipal buildings, schools, and libraries, to Chicopee’s fiber backbone.

Sertex crews are working hard every day on both underground and aerial construction activities that will roll out the fiber network to residences and businesses, fiberhood-by-fiberhood. Buildout of the Crossroads Fiber network began in May 2019 and is expected to take five years to complete. Crossroads Fiber and Sertex just celebrated the installation and connection of their 1000th customer in June. By the end of 2021, CEL expects that 38% of Chicopee residents will have access to Gigabit fiber service.

Just as Chicopee residents and business owners clamored for electricity in the 1900s, today, they demand fast, reliable, fairly-priced Internet service. And CEL is responding again with the help of Sertex Broadband Solutions.

Crossroads Fiber customers are expressing satisfaction and appreciation for the work of Sertex teams. Recently, a customer wrote in:

“My site survey and installation went above and beyond my normal expectations. The Sertex site survey representative was very informative and answered all of my questions before we scheduled the installation. Our installer did a super job from the beginning to the end of the installation process.  He was courteous, neat, and clean. He even helped reset my router! I’ve worked with many contractors over the years and notice good work when I see it.  I’ll be promoting Crossroads Fiber and Sertex LLC to anyone who will listen.”

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