Zoom Towns Are Booming

Zoom Towns Are Booming

Does your town have what it takes to attract businesses and residents looking to relocate to socially-distanced small communities?

The dramatic rise in remote working and learning due to the coronavirus pandemic has created greater mobility for families with and without children. Rural towns with wide-open spaces have become desirable destinations for people looking to move out of crowded cities. At the same time, people are leaving remote areas without broadband access.

When people consider where they want to live, a municipality’s communication infrastructure has become as important as school ratings. In order to compete with big cities and affluent suburbs, small towns need to think creatively about the amenities that they can offer. A gigabit broadband network can open the door for business growth and increase home value by more than 3% .

Don’t let your town be left behind.

Last-mile fiber networks offer a solution for local communities seeking to connect to reliable high-speed Internet. Towns that invest in fiber-to-the-home networks can position their community for economic growth by owning the revenue-generating infrastructure. The future-proof technology of fiber can bridge the digital divide and enable the Zoom towns of tomorrow.

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