Sertex Broadband Crews Participate in an Annual Safety Seminar with Classroom and Proactive Hands-On OSHA Training

A Growing Company Committed to Safety

Sertex Broadband Crews Participate in an Annual Safety Seminar with Classroom and Proactive Hands-On OSHA Training

Telecom construction crews from Sertex spent three days in early June at the annual safety training program reviewing critical safety rules and techniques that prevent injuries and save lives on the job.

Over 50 employees who attended the Plainfield-based training session included seasoned and newly-hired fiber optic technicians, telecom linemen, underground construction workers, and residential drop installers, foreman, and supervisors. Sertex has experienced tremendous growth during 2020 and 2021, making the annual safety event a priority to reinforce on-the-job safety practices.

Aerial Bucket trucks were DOT certified & Aerial Lift Inspections were completed on all units.

Over the three days, workers reviewed and practiced Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) requirements, state and local regulations, and company safety practices and policies. The training featured classroom and hands-on learning, including reviewing policies/procedures, 1st aid/CPR certification, equipment inspections, and demonstrations of ladder safety.

Sertex is a proud member of Corning Cable System’s Network of Preferred Installers. This elite program recognizes key fiber optic installers and provides the technical and commercial support required to complete fiber optic projects. As part of the training, Sertex teams also reviewed cable safety and handling information from Corning, updating them on current system installation procedures.

"Our company is fiercely committed to safety," explains Michael Solitro, Sertex president and CEO. "Deploying fiber networks is labor-intensive involving underground construction, stranding aerial cables on utility poles, splicing glass fibers, and working close to dangerous electrical equipment. The work is physically hard, happening in all-weather conditions and often in remote areas. We care about our employees and crew, so safety is a critical part of our culture."

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