Simsbury CT fiber network outage emergency response February 2023

A+ Emergency Response Customer Service

Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night…

An arctic blast hit the Northeast region in early February, bringing Connecticut record-breaking subzero temperatures and wind chills in the negative teens.

On Saturday, February 4, Simsbury Public Schools IT Director Jason Casey texted Sertex for an after-hours emergency response. The internet connection dropped at four of the town’s seven schools, and Jason identified a failed fiber connection as the cause of the problem.

Despite minus 30F wind chills, a Sertex maintenance crew was immediately dispatched and worked tirelessly to restore service. After many hours of troubleshooting in the dark, the line crew and fiber technician isolated the failure to an aerial splice enclosure installed on the communication lines. The box had filled with rainwater and frozen solid, breaking the fibers inside and causing outages at various schools.

Equipped with the needed parts, our crew installed a new enclosure that was properly assembled and sealed from the elements, then re-spliced the fiber cable. The repair restored internet service at three out of the five schools, but two remained offline.

On Sunday morning, Sertex dispatched a separate crew to diagnose the problem at the remaining schools. The crew determined that on-premises electronics needed to be reset. Both schools’ internet became operational once the reset was completed. Faculty and students returned to school on Monday ready for a day of learning.

A+ Emergency Response

“Thank you again for the fast and efficient response to our fiber outage this weekend. Our schools are in session today as if nothing happened. I was truly impressed by the service Sertex provided.” -- Jason Casey

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